Do the work where you feel most comfortable.

Using world class equipment from start to finish, we set up in your space and capture the moments that matter, away from the hourly rates, away from the confines of a big studio.

Studio results

How? By using the best microphones on the market into great preamps and industry standard converters. 

If you're happy with your sound, we're happy too. We're not interested in taking what you've made and turning it into our perception of sound.

Your music is your music. It's our job to translate that to the recorded form with all the energy, excitement and passion of the performance.

So how much does it cost? Less than you think. Prices start at $250 per song, recorded and mixed.

What to do next?

Have a listen to some of the samples below to hear what we've been getting up to.

Send us a message outlining your project, budget and phone number.

We'll give you a call and work out the best way to get your project happening.

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Phil Georges - Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

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Dave Walker - Producer, Recording and Mix Engineer.

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From gentle, meditative Celtic harp, to inner city Punk and lots in between. We love to record anything that's made with heart and passion. Here's a bit of what we've been up to.