Recording | Mixing | Mastering

Recent Work

Phil is a partner in Green South Records and handles the bulk of our mixing and mastering work, is our client liaison for mix revisions and handles our DSP uploads.

He has worked as a studio and live engineer, Audio Director, Audio Systems Operator and mastering engineer for nearly 40 years.

Phil has a whole host of high end outboard gear (Manley, Studer, UA, more?)  and speakers including Duntech and ATC at his disposal.

He has worked right up the pointy end of the plane as an audio director, engineer and systems operator. He has worked for ESPN at Wimbledon, Channel 7 sport AFL, Tennis, Channel 10 and Fox Footy. 

He has been integral to delivering audio on ’the Sydney Olympic Games (TV Azteca, Mexico), Nagano Olympic Games (Foxsports), as well as the Bangkok Asian Games (Star Sports, Asia)’, in excess of 40 Grand Slam tennis events, Bathurst and was also a keynote speaker at a recent meeting of the Audio Engineering Society at their Melbourne meeting.

When it comes to audio he breaks it down very simply - it’s about using the best available equipment to capture the sound and energy of the performance, and provide beautiful, balanced mixes and masters that translate well to any format.