Anyone who has followed Celtic and Folk music in Australia for any length of time would no doubt have seen Peter Anderson at some stage.
A gifted multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he’s at home and infamous on the chromatic accordion, the Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, tin whistle and concertina.
His album, The Fakir O’Fyvio, is a spot on calling card, telling you pretty much everything you need to know about the man and his music. It’s equal parts original and trad Celtic styled tunes and arrangements of traditional songs, interspersed throughout with the odd cheeky parody, sometimes venturing into the bawdy!
Peter hails from Melbourne and has played and recorded with the Bushwackers, was a member of the Celtic City Sons and has recorded on countless albums. 
He has played at one time or another at nearly every Australian folk festival both in dance bands and as a soloist; the former featuring his accordion work, the latter featuring mainly dulcimer.
Peter also calls dances repairs accordions and loves a campfire session.