Thoughts become reality...

For the past couple of years, I've been speaking with a lot of people in the Celtic and Folk scene. I've been wondering how the music industry works in today's day and age. The old paradigm of rehearse, gig, make a demo, tour, get a deal is a memory. It's a bit like Hollywood. Unless there's a huge guaranteed return, the studios aren't interested. The big studios don't make interesting, low budget flicks any more. Superheroes and hyper reality are the order of the day. The music industry's a bit the same.
All of these conversations and ideas have come to this moment. Green South Records. I want a place where Celtic and Folk artists can come together under a unified banner, pool resources, energy and ideas and make stuff happen.
I want to dig up all those amazing records from the seventies, eighties and nineties and get them onto the digital realm.
I want to make sure that the artist gets properly recompensed for their music.
Most of all I want a place where the thousands of Celtic and Folk fans can come and discover or re-discover some amazing music.