Steve Boyd and The Preachers - the lost album...

In 2010, Steve Boyd and The Preachers recorded a bunch of tracks with Glenn Goldsmith and an EP with Shane O'Mara.
The songs never saw the light of day; shelved for myriad reasons and set aside. Until now. With all the interest being shown in the Preachers and Steve's return to the scene as an original performing and recording artist, the lost album has appeared and is soon to be lost no more.
We're super excited to let you know that 'Judas Kisses', 13 previously unheard and unreleased tracks, will soon be coming to Green South Records.
I've given it a couple of really good listens over the past few days and it is a wonderful body of work. How's this for a roll call: Steve and Paul Fiddes, Co Tipping, Andrew Forror, Gareth Costigan, Dan Knight, Rory Boast and my favourite Melbourne bass player of all time, the late, great, Stu Speed.
So just giving you the heads up that it's around and will be up soon. There's also a sneaky live recording from the Dan O'Connell, New Year's Eve 1995 that may just see the light of day too...
Exciting times!