Ribcage Xylophone good to go...

The second of our Steve Boyd & The Preachers reissues drops today - the fabulous Ribcage Xylophone.
Fantastic record which captures the sound of a band coming into its own. This incarnation of The Preachers featured the formidable rhythm section of Paul Fiddes and Rory Boast on drums and bass respectively, along with the amazing Peter O'Shea on violin and mandolin.
Steve's songwriting on this album is fantastic and the 12 stories he tells, in addition to Peter's beautiful instrumental, Mother's Waltz, showcase some great yarns. They also demonstrate a songwriter coming into his own, starting to flex his creative muscles and exploring the themes that shaped his life at that time.
Once again recorded and mixed by Rob Dillon, Ribcage Xylophone features a stellar cast of guest artists. How's this for a who's who of Aussie A listers: Alex Burns on harmonica and acoustic guitar, Kerryn Tolhurst on slide, The Reverend Mick O'Connor on hammond and piano, Russell Smith on trombone and trumpet, Captain Accordion Peter Anderson on accordion and concertina, Cyndi Boste, Kerri Simpson and Nichaud Fitzgibbon on backing vocals, David Bates on piano and Chris Ryan on banjo.
That's some band... 
We hope you enjoy this record as much as we do. For some it'll be a trip down memory lane and for others it'll be a new discovery!