Peter O'Shea - Ribbons round the Pegs

It's Peter O'Shea's stated aim that he's going to record an album every year until he can't do it any more. And keeping to his word, his latest release on Green South Records taps into his vast catalogue of original instrumental tunes, producing ten beautiful tracks of world class music. 

Peter's enthusiasm for his craft is as strong as ever, and his audience is equally enthusiastic, if the packed house at his recent CD launch is any indicator. Peter is not only a gifted musician and writer, he is also one of the most inclusive artists we've had the pleasure to work with. He has taught thousands of people to play fiddle and mandolin over the years and is held in the highest regard by his contemporaries and students. 

We're so happy to be a part of Pete's journey, being involved in the recording, mixing and promotion of these important bodies of work. The album title, 'Ribbons Round the Pegs' pertain to the four black, one red and one silver ribbons tied around the tuning pegs of his Violin. They are there as a tribute and to commemorate the lives and memories of his sister Debby, his parents Lorna and Albert O'Shea and his dear cousin Alison Grayden who all passed away over a short period a few years ago. The red ribbon is a little extra one to go with the black and is there for his Mum and also her father. The silver ribbon reminds him that no matter how dark and horrible life can be, given time, a new dawn arrives and a new wisdom and appreciation becomes part of you and you live life better as a result of a temporary spell in hades on earth.