Pete Fidler now on Green South!

Pete Fidler is one of the finest exponents of lap slide in the land and is one of nature's gentlemen to boot.
He's been playing on other people's records for years and has just released a brand new album of his own material, called Buzz in the Room.
And we're stoked that he's dropped this amazing new album right here on Green South Records.

Anyone who has seen him play live knows what they're in for with this release. We hear sublime performances, clever arrangements and a wry narrative that guides you through what feels like a seven act play. The songs are assured and delicate, poignant and heartfelt.

“Buzz” was recorded, mixed and mastered in a flash of inspiration in less than a week. Pete played everything on the CD.

"...I'd tried to finish... [this album] a few times and always fell down in the middle of the project, whether because of other priorities or I just wasn’t feeling it,' he said.
"This time I had the house to myself for a week and turned it into a recording studio … there were guitars and take-away leftovers everywhere but I finally found a focus by concentrating on my own songs. All of these songs have been recorded and released on other CDs before, … and fallen by the wayside. If I wanted to keep them alive I needed to start singing them myself”