Liminality: RiverMead

Liminality’s new album RiverMead is our latest release on Green South Records. 
I had the privilege of being at the controls for the recording and mixing of this album and I am really thankful to have had the experience. 
Over the course of making an album you get to know the music on a really deep level. And there is something very special about being in the same space as a group of talented musicians while they ply their craft. 
When the magic happens, it is something very tangible. And with the three members of Liminality, there was a palpable energy shift in the room as a take was being played.  
It’s not unlike the feeling you get when you walk into a sacred space, there was a stillness, a sanctity, and overriding sense of calm that took over the room and existed until the last note faded. 
I think the key to good recordings is being able to get some of that energy onto the album and have it felt by you, the listener. 
Let’s hope it worked.  
RiverMead is now available on CD or download.