Ger Mythen

I first met Ger on a tour to Singapore back in the early two thousands and our musical paths and mutual friendships have been crossing ever since.
His 2004 album, She Moved Through the Fair, is our latest GSR reissue and needless to say we're really happy to have him on board!
Born and bred in Ireland, Ger moved to Melbourne and established himself as one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. There weren't many places that sold Guinness in Melbourne that didn't have him on their stage.
In 2004 he moved to Singapore and continues to work hard. He's an effortless performer, the sort of bloke who can play and sing all night. His vast repertoire of music is a treasure trove of well known and lesser known Celtic gems and folk classics.
The interpretations of some of this gold on his album, She Moved Through the Fair, are simply superb. Aided by Melbourne's finest Celtic bass player Mark McNeilly and the beautiful tone and feel of Andrew Cooper on fiddle, the album covers some of the classics as well as a few lesser known tunes.
Our favourite is Ger's take on Lakes of Ponchartrain, a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.
Welcome to GSR Ger and I hope this reissue provides a spark for you to get back in the studio and record some more music!