Cooney's Brew comes to GSR!

Take a second to have a look at the photo. Without looking at the caption in the top right, see how many people you can recognise. And where was it taken? That front bar, the exhaust fan in the arch window, Guinness on tap. And when was it taken? There's a packet of Winnie Reds on the bar beside a box of Redhead matches, back when they were made in Australia, that old glass ashtray that was in every smoker's home in the eighties...

It's an iconic image for anyone with even a passing interest in Celtic and Folk music in this country. The year was 1983 and the pub was the Dan O'Connell in Carlton. The Dan was the spiritual home for a lot of Celtic and Folk artists around this time and for these men it was their second home when they were in town.

This group of blokes are the musicians behind Christy Cooney's Brew, and the album they made together is our latest Green South Records Reissue. Ten tracks sublimely performed and recorded by some of the best players in the land.

How's this for a lineup: 

Christy Cooney: vocals, five string banjo and bodhran  
Louis McManus: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, fiddle, tenor banjo and rhythm sticks  
Stephen Cooney: electric bass, acoustic guitar and didjeridoo  
Simon Melia: squeezebox  
James Cooney: mandola  
Ken Dorr: uillean pipes  
Maxine Briggs: rhythm sticks  
Bill Smith: rhythm sticks  
Dougie McDonald: drums  
Kenny White: blues harp  
Vocal harmonies: John McAuslan, Mick Flanagan, Seamus Gill, Hugh McEwan, James Cooney, Simon Melia, Maxine Briggs, Ron O’Callaghan. 

Produced by Louis McManus, engineered by Norman James McCourt, recorded at C’est C.A. Recording Studios Fitzroy, Melbourne.

It's a who's who of some of the all time greats. It's a classic album, featuring some fine performances, all underpinned by a groove and swagger that clearly shows a band of players and mates at the top of their game.

This version of the album was remastered by Bruce Adderley in 2015 and brings new life to the recording.  

To say we're thrilled to be bringing this record to the digital realm for the first time is a massive understatement. Everything about this record sums up all that was great about the scene at the time and we're really proud to be a part of it. Download it, put it on your favourite speakers or headphones and give it a listen. Hear the amazing bass of Stephen Cooney. Listen to the superb guitar playing of Louis McManus. Take note of the sincerity and depth in Christy's vocal. It's a cracker of a record.