Cobbers comes to GSR

Big news here at GSR. I’m really happy to announce that we will be reissuing the entire Cobbers back catalogue over the coming months, eleven albums in total. 

In their thirty years together, Cobbers shaped the way many people viewed Australian Folk Music. Before Cobbers time, there were many Australians who were blissfully unaware of their country's rich musical heritage. By taking the music out of the folk clubs and giving it a wider audience in pubs, clubs, schools and on radio and television, the band reached millions of people and influenced a whole generation of folk musicians and fans. 

It’s difficult in this day and age to fully appreciate the impact the band had on the music scene in Australia and across the world, but to put it into some sort of perspective, consider that they were on the bill at the Reading Rock Festival in 1979 (UK), and in the same year were one of the featured acts at the Louisiana Hayride (US). Reading that year featured, among many others, Thin Lizzy, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Cheap Trick and The Cure. 

Back home, they sold a truckload of records, played sold out concerts at places like the Dallas Brooks Hall and many others, headlined festivals, were the featured band on Shirl’s Neighbourhood for years and in many ways blazed a significant trail for other Folk and Celtic artists to follow. 

Their impact was immense and until now, their music has not been available in high quality digital on the major platforms. We’re about to change all that. 

Cobbers music “...blends the Kookaburra's laugh with the convict's curse; the light hearted polka of the old bush hall with the back aching groan of the shearer. Most of all, it has the unfettered freedom of life on the road.”