Cobbers Collection here and now!

Big day today for us with the release of all Cobbers records. 
They made nine albums as well as recording a radio play at the ABC and a triple album release called 'Bush Dancing Made Easy' 
That's 11 records in total.
Now these guys were Kings back in the day - they toured the world, they played Reading Festival in the UK, Louisiana Hayride, they sold out Dallas Brooks Hall back here in Melbourne. They were multi-award winners and appeared regularly on iconic Aussie TV show, Shirl’s Neighbourhood.
Christy was also the voice behind the well known Sovereign Hill theme song as well.
We felt really strongly that the Cobbers back catalogue needed to be digitised and preserved.
They were a really important part of the musical landscape in the seventies.
When people talk about music from this era, the focus is often on the halcyon days of rock,  and with good reason, but let’s not forget that running parallel to that was a burgeoning folk music scene. Cobbers, Poteen, Bushwackers, were all at the forefront of this and it was so important to me to ensure that Cobbers didn’t get lost and forgotten.
Cobbers paved the way for a lot of great artists to make their mark on the industry and I don’t think their legacy should ever be forgotten.     
Which is why we’re doing what we’re doing.