Cobbers Back Catalogue is here!


Big news here at GSR - I’m really happy to announce that we will be reissuing the entire Cobbers back catalogue over the coming months, eleven albums in total. 

When I started Green South Records there were a few motivating factors which took me from thinking that it was a good idea to actually doing something about it. One of those factors was the time I spent with Christy Cooney from the Cobbers earlier this year talking about the band and its history. 

The Cobbers were a really big band in their day, sold a truckload of records, played sold out concerts at places like the Dallas Brooks Hall and many others, headlined festivals across Australia, were the featured band on Shirl’s Neighbourhood for years and blazed a significant trail for other Folk and Celtic artists to follow. 

Their impact was immense. Overseas they made some significant inroads, playing Reading in 79 with Thin Lizzy and The Police, appeared on Louisiana Hayride in the states.

So I started GSR and we began the process of bringing great music into the digital realm. I'm proud to say we're doing that with some success now, becoming the label I envisaged and providing a home for some amazing artists. All the while, ticking along in the background, there have been negotiations with Cobbers founding member John Armstrong in regards to the back catalogue and how GSR could help get it digital. 

I’m really happy to tell you that the day has come. Today we launch the first Cobbers album, All for Me Grog, and over the coming months we’ll be reissuing the entire back catalogue. It’s a significant day for us here and is symbolic on a number of levels, firstly because we have been able to achieve our stated aims and secondly because a band like Cobbers, with their long history of dealing with all sorts of barnacles attached to the hull of the good ship SS Music Industry have seen what we do, understand that we’re here for the mutual benefit of artist and label and have placed their faith in us to be custodians of their music moving forward.

All For Me Grog is a diamond in the rough; it was recorded live on a borrowed G36 Revox two track at the Polaris Inn in Carlton and has become a classic. Sound-wise, we decided to leave it exactly as it was; no digital remastering or mucking around - an historical document. The playing is great, the vibe is infectious and Christy Cooney, John Armstrong, Chris Armstrong, Maitland Swallow and Mark 'Blossom' Brown have, as Matt Dickie says in the liner notes to the album: "Cobbers musical arrangements display originality and sensitivity resulting in a richness of depth and dimension. They are truly Australia's most dynamic and versatile performers of traditional Australian music."