Cath Connelly

Spiritual director, retreat leader, and one of the world’s finest Celtic harpers, Cath Connelly has come to Green South Records. 
Her music sits in that liminal space where music meets spirituality, kindling serenity and inviting meditation and reflection. It explores the veil between the here and the hereafter, when it appears so thin that you can almost reach out and touch the other side. 


She is well known for performances that invite audiences to engage in quiet reflection and a deeper sense of being.

In true Celtic fashion, Cath also incorporates storytelling into engaging concerts that span Irish folklore, Celtic tradition, music and spirituality. Her music is deeply grounded in the Celtic tradition, with its potential to dwell in that liminal space between the known and the unknown. It is here that Cath’s music melds contemporary spirituality with the ancient Celtic harp tradition.