Bushland Dreaming - Cobbers live

A good live album opens a window to the relationships that exist between everyone in the room at the moment it was recorded. 

But you have to listen closely. 

This week’s GSR reissue is Bushland Dreaming, the live recording of Cobbers in Concert, recorded at Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne on August 16, 1979. 

John and Chris Armstrong, Christy Cooney and Ron Howard create an amazing energy in the room from the first rhythmic notes, immediately igniting the capacity crowd. 

As they move through the set of some 24 songs, it's evident that the band has been road hardened. The performances are tight and assured, the show is slick, the songs have been bedded down a thousand times or more. 

1979 was a really difficult year for the band. In January of that year, on the cusp of their National tour, Cobbers bass player and business manager, Mark ‘Blossom' Brown was killed in a car accident. The tour went ahead with 'Big Ron' Howard rejoining the band. 

This is a performance and recording that captures a band at their very best. A band that had spent enough time on the big stages to be able to do the business. 

We were initially going to release Cobbers reissues sequentially, but after talking with John Armstrong, he suggested Bushland Dreaming should be next cab off the rank.  He said it was far and away Cobbers most requested album an amazing time capsule of a band in its prime. 

We’re really starting to explore some great territory now at Green South Records, beginning to delve into the history of folk and Celtic music in this country. We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do! Listen closely.