And now the set is complete...

This week we release the last of the official Preachers albums, the magnificent ‘A Shroud of Treason’. 

I first heard this album not long after it was released in 1998 and it was a joy to pop it on again and revisit it with fresh ears. 

The first thing that popped into my mind when listening to this record is that is fully realised. 

By that I mean fully realised from a songwriting, production and performance perspective. All the elements are there and they’re all spot on. 

I’ve been listening to the Preachers back catalogue for the past couple of months now and you can hear the growth. 

Produced by the legendary Kerryn Tolhurst, engineered by Barry Stockley and mixed by Mick Wordley and Kerryn, A Shroud of Treason is a beautiful sounding album from start to finish. Everything sounds just like it should. The very first thing you hear is the drums of Paul Fiddes and as soon as I heard the sound of the kit I knew it was going to be a good ‘un. 

We hope you enjoy it; for some it’ll be a walk down memory lane, for others it’ll be a whole new trip. 

The Players: 

Steve Boyd: lead vocals, guitars, harmonica, backing vocals, Greg Hunt: acoustic violin, electric violin, mandolin, Rory Boast: electric bass, upright bass, backing vocals, Paul Fiddes: drums, percussion, Cyndi Boste: guitars, backing vocals, Ken Howden: piano, keyboards, backing vocals, Mark McCartney: guitars, Steve Hoy: guitar, Kerryn Tolhurst: guitars, tiple, dobro, lap steel, Alex Burns: harmonica, Peter Anderson: accordion. 

All songs written by Steve Boyd. Produced by Kerry Tolhurst. Engineered by Barry Stockley. Recorded at The Lodge, Melbourne. Mixed by Mick Wordley and Kerryn Tolhurst at Mixmasters, Adelaide, Australia. Premastering/Editing by Julian McBrowne, NY NY. Mastered by Martin Pullan at Metropolis, Melbourne Australia.