Latest Release: Whirling Furphies Back Catalogue

The originality, excitement and sheer musicality of the Whirling Furphies can make genuine claims on a significant place in the history of Australian roots music.”

— John MacAuslan

Green South Records is proud to announce that the entire Whirling Furphies back catalogue is now available online for the first time.

The Whirling Furphies were at the vanguard of the contemporary folk scene in the early nineties, bringing their unique blend of whirling instruments to a thriving, creative scene.

Their hooky pop-style songs coupled with the band’s brilliant musicianship and captivating live shows won them a legion of fans.

Their lyrics reflected the urban experience of Melbourne, and along with Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas, they helped establish a new and very contemporary Australian folk song style.

Perhaps their best-known song, My Brown Yarra, is claimed by many as their ‘Melbourne Anthem’ and is sung around campfires, at festivals and funerals, in bars by expats all over the world. 

The Whirling Furphies released two seminal albums, Lizard Tree and Head Over Heels, along with the EPs Whirled Music and Don’t Stop.

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Graham Dodsworth

Graham Dodsworth has been part of the Australian folk music scene for nearly 50 years and is regarded as one of the finest guitarists and singers in the land. 
His three albums have found a new home on Green South Records and they’re now available for the first time on all the major digital music providers around the world. 
Graham’s passion and love of the music are obvious in these recordings; his effortless flowing finger picking guitar and pure voice draws you in to the story, connecting you with the…

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