Paul Carroll

Dublin born singer Paul Carroll is a wandering troubadour, a musician who has lived and performed in Ireland, Australia and now settled in his adopted home in the USA. His album, The Road You Take, is now available on Green…


Johnny Adams

Johnny Adams, iconic South Australian folk singer and voice of the Adelaide streets has joined the Green South Records family and we couldn’t be happier. 
Poignant, direct, unfettered story telling, hard times, good times, sad and crazy. The quality of…

Kieran O'Connell

Since arriving in Australia from County Cork over 30 years ago, Kieran O’Connell has become a well known and much loved member of Melbourne’s Celtic music scene. 
Those who have followed him throughout his days in Highland Paddy and later…


A reissue from Poteen coming soon - very exciting news - soon to be available online for the first time!


Louey Hesterman

There are no more loved and respected musicians in Victoria's thriving Folk and Celtic scene than Louey Hesterman. 
He has a warmth and kindness that endears him to everyone he meets. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and singer and has…


Ger Mythen

I first met Ger on a tour to Singapore back in the early two thousands and our musical paths and mutual friendships have been crossing ever since.
His 2004 album, She Moved Through the Fair, is our latest GSR reissue and…


Ben Rogers Trio

We’re rapt to welcome the Ben Rogers Trio to the Green South Records family! Their album Windfarms of Your Mind is a masterclass in mood, performance and dynamics. 

The opening four bars drag you into another world; a world…


Cobbers Collection here and now!

Big day today for us with the release of all Cobbers records. 
They made nine albums as well as recording a radio play at the ABC and a triple album release called 'Bush Dancing Made Easy' 
That's 11 records in…

St Patrick's Day Compilation

The compilation album has been a staple in Australian music for ever, and here at GSR, we've decided to put our own St Patrick's Day compilation together for you. Absolutely free. Nada. St Patrick's Day Favourites features 17 tracks and…


Cobbers concept album our latest reissue

This week's reissue is the beautiful, lilting Portraits of Australian Women by Cobbers. Originally recorded in 1980, the album is a great example of a folk concept album. It is a celebration of the contribution women made to building a…

Cobbers - Australian Legends

Australian Legends, one of Cobbers most widely requested albums is our next GSR reissue. 

This is a massive two CD set, featuring 32 tracks in total, including some previously unreleased tracks.  

This album also incorporates all the tracks…


Simon McCullough - Buskers of Melbourne #2

Just in time for Christmas, we're rapt to release the second of our Buskers of Melbourne series featuring the sublime voice, songwriting and guitar work of Simon McCullough.
Super excited that we've made this record, he's long overdue for a…