Latest Release: 'Ava' by Kieran O'Connell

Green South Records is very proud to have been involved in the recording, mixing and production of this track as well as making the video.
Kieran O'Connell has long been an advocate for the legalisation of cannibis oil to treat those who desperately need it. 
Vera Twomey grew up, as did Kieran, in County Cork, Ireland. Her daughter Ava needs the oil to prevent life threatening epileptic seizures and she has been campaigning long and hard to make that a reality, not just for her daughter but for all people who need it. 
Kieran O'Connell's new single, 'Ava' celebrates the battle Vera has been waging to have medical CBD legalised in Ireland. Vera has fought a long and hard against the the Irish Government and the HSE to enable CBD oil to be legally made available to treat Ava.
Ava has Dravet Syndrome, an intractabe form of drug-resistant epilepsy. The only thing that stops her life-threatening seizures is cannibis oil. While Vera has won a battle, there is still much work to do to ensure this medicine is made available to all who genuinely need it.

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