New Release: Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith - A Crazy Dream

Marni Sheehan and Mark Smith’s new album, A Crazy Dream is a collection of songs that weave pictures and stories of their 40 plus years of performing and recording.
Marni and Mark first worked together in the legendary psychedelic blues band ‘Reuben Tice’ in the late seventies and have once again joined forces, this time to perform and record as a duo.
A Crazy Dream is rootsy blues, originals, alt & vintage country music featuring acoustic, electric, dobro and lap steel guitars, mandolin, percussion and stomp box.
Great story songs, wonderful performances and it's available digitally here or you can order a physical copy here.


'The Kid From Bourke' drops new video

William Alexander has released a video for the first single off his new album, The Kid From Bourke and it's a ripper!
Have you got your copy yet? Available digitally and on vinyl.  Buy now.



Whirling Furphies Album Art

60% off Furphies entire catalogue

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What a great show from Whirling Furphies at The Lomond Hotel on Sunday afternoon! 
The place was packed and the band was firing on all cylinders.
We're still basking in the after gig glow so for one week only we're offering the entire Whirling Furphies digital back catalogue at a 60% discount! 
Two albums and two EPs - the entire recorded works of this iconic Australian band for only $12.
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New Release: Simon McCullough, Southern Ocean Rivers

Simon McCullough delivers on his second solo album, Southern Ocean Rivers with stellar performances, great songwriting and a beautifully produced record.

There’s a reality that exists in the music of someone who has lived what they sing about.

It’s like putting a filter over a blurred image and bringing it into sharp relief; no confusion about the story, no doubt about the song.

Simon McCullough has lived the stories he sings about, puts them down like mile markers on his road, lets you in on the secrets.

His voice is an incredible instrument in and of itself. As a singer he’s just as much at home on his guitar or dobro playing tender love songs as he is on the big stages fronting some of the toughest rock and roll bands in Australia.

His second release on Green South Records, Southern Ocean Rivers, is a mature recording showcasing an artist at the top of his game. The songs are great, performances superb and his cast of supporting musicians all bring playing of the highest quality. Joining him for a couple of vocal performances on this album is his long time musical colleague Kerri Lowdon. Other guest artists include Jon Lee Emry on drums, Greg Hunt on violin and mandolin, Peter O’Shea on violin, Jules Vines on piano accordion, Jig Darmz on Harmonica and Dave Walker on acoustic guitars.

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